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Upon admission/enrollment what information is required?

  • General Information Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Dismissal Authorization Form
  • Developmental History Form
  • Date of Last Physical
  • Immunization Records
  • Schedule Commitment Contract
  • Consent for Photographs Form
  • One Week Tuition Deposit
  • ACH/EFT Enrollment Form

When is payment due?

Tuition is due one (1) week in advance and covers for the week after payment.  All tuition payments are due and payable on the Thursday PRIOR or the week PRIOR to the week which they apply.

What are your child to staff ratios?

We follow the Massachusetts’ state ratio guidelines.

  • Infant Room – 2 teachers to 7 infants
  • Yearling/Toddler Room – 2 teachers to 9 toddlers
  • Preschool Room – 2 teachers to 20 preschoolers
  • Pre-K Room – 2 teachers to 20 pre-k children

What are your teachers’ qualifications?

All teachers at Early Minds Child Care are certified by The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC).  They have an early childhood educational background and have worked with their particular age group for at least a year, if not longer.

Most assistants at EMC2 have previously worked in the childcare field.

Is your staff first aid and CPR certified?

All of staff at Early Minds Child Care are certified in first aid and CPR and their certification is renewed every year.  The state only requires one staff member to be CPR certified, but we choose to have all our staff certified.

How is your staff turnover?

We have been very lucky; many staff members have been with us since we opened.  We provide incentives to make our Center a great place to work.  We offer paid time off, bonuses/raises and tuition reimbursement.  It may not seem like much, but most Centers do not offer these extras.

What is your discipline policy?

We believe in positive discipline that focuses on consistency, prevention, guidance, and redirection.  We teach child to use their words instead of their hands, when angry.  We do not believe a child is “bad”.  It is their behavior that is the problem at hand, and that is what we address.  We an incident does occur, we:

  • Talk about the child’s action as being inappropriate and ask him/her to make the right choice.
  • Redirect the child to another area if he/she cannot make the right choice.
  • Develop rules with the children based on their developmental level and remind them their our consequences if they do not follow them.
  • Positively reinforce appropriate behavior and make an example of children following rules.

Can I come visit my child any time without calling first?

We have an open door policy.  You do not have to notify us that you are coming.  We love to have our parents here.  Some children do have a hard time when mom/dad comes and goes, but if it does not bother your child, you are welcome here anytime.

What is your sick policy?

We have a strict sick policy in order to keep all the children in the Center healthy.  We ask you not to send your child to the Center with anything contagious, i.e. pink eye, strep throat, unless they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours or more.  Also, if your child has a fever, he/she needs to be out for 24 hours.

If your child has a cold, but is up to being at the Center, then he/she is able to come.  If he/she cannot participate in all our daily activities, then he/she should stay home.

Do we still pay the same tuition when you are closed for holidays or if my child is not there?

Yes, you pay the same tuition for weeks with holidays and when your child is out for whatever reason. We do offer a one week tuition credit per school year, where you do not need to pay tuition.